Toys and items of value should remain at home. Educators cannot be responsible for items that children bring into the centre. This obviously does not include a comfort item that your child may bring for rest time.

At times it may be appropriate to bring special items from home to enrich the learning programs. Suitable items may include; books, CD’s, photographs for example. Such items must be clearly labeled with the child’s name or family name and handed to an educator.

A lost property box is to located in the foyer of the centre.

Ivanhoe Children's Community Cooperative is a “violent toy free zone”. Children are not permitted to bring any toy which promotes aggressive or violent play.  If a child does bring such a toy into the centre, Educators will ask parents to take it home or it will be placed in the office and returned home with the child at the end of the day.

Examples of a “violent toy” include:

  • pistols/guns of any sort
  • swords, knives, bows and arrows