ATTACHMENT 5: Permission form for photographs and videos

Background information

Photographs and videos are now classified as ‘personal information’ under thePrivacy and Data Protection Act 2014.

The purpose of this permission form is to:

  • comply with the privacy legislation in relation to all photographs/videos taken at the service, whether by the Approved Provider, Nominated Supervisor, Certified Supervisor, educators, staff, parents/guardians, volunteers or students on placement
  • enable photographs/videos of children to be taken as part of the program delivered by the service, whether group photos, videos or photos at special events and excursions etc.
  • notify parents/guardians as to who will be permitted to take photographs/videos, where these will be taken and how they will be used.

Photographs/videos taken by staff

Staff at the service may take photographs/videos of children as part of the program. These may be displayed at the service, on the Ivanhoe Children's Community Cooperativewebsite or placed in the service’s publications or promotional material to promote the service, or for any other purpose aligned to the service’s business operations. Some staff may use learning journals in which photographs are included.

When the photographs/videos are no longer being used, the service will destroy them if they are no longer required, or otherwise store them securely at the service. It is important to note that while the service can nominate the use and disposal of photographs they organise, the service has no control over those photographs taken by parents/guardians of children attending the service program or activity.

Group photographs/videos taken by parents/guardians

Parents/guardians may take group photographs/videos of their own child/children at special service events such as birthdays, excursions and other activities. Parents must ensure that where the photographs/videos include other children at the service they are sensitive to and respectful of the privacy of those children and families in using and disposing of the photographs/videos.

Photographs taken by a photographer engaged by the service

A photographer may be engaged by the service to take individual and/or group photographs of children. Information will be provided in written form to parents/guardians prior to the event, and will include the date and the photographer’s details.

Photographs/videos for use in newspapers, Ivanhoe Children's Community Cooperative website and other external publications

The permission of parents/guardians of children will, on every occasion, be obtained prior to a child’s photograph being taken to appear in any newspaper/media or external publication, including the service’s newsletter, publications and website.

Photographs/videos taken by students on placement

Students at the service may take photographs/videos of children as part of their placement requirements.

Access to photographs/videos

Access to any photographs or videos, like other personal information, is set out in the service’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy, which is displayed at the service and available on request.

Confirmation of consent

I consent/do not consent to the arrangements for the use of photographs and/or videos, as stated in this permission form.

Parent / Guardian's Name:


Signature (parent / guardian):


Child's name: